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It is why 6 months earlier when she tried to get a job doing an agony aunt column and was passed over because of her weight she came up with an alter ago, the super slim and super sexy Belinda.

Little did Nola realise that the advice she secretly dishes out as Belinda would become so popular that the magazine would turn her responses into a book, a book which they expect the fictitious Belinda to promote.

At the same time Nola meets Chip (Adam Kaufman), who she meets at work and they start dating, plus along with her friends Nancy (Chelah Horsdal) and Deb (Audrey Wasilewski) vow to lose weight through a "Cinderella Pact" leading to plenty of stress and changes in Nola's life.

So "Lying to Be Perfect" is basically a couple of ideas which interweave, we have the story of 3 slightly large women deciding to be proactive and lose weight combined with Nola who due to being knocked back 6 months earlier due to her weight has an alter ego in the super slim and sexy agony aunt Belinda which leads to difficulties when she meets a man she calls Chip.

Well Cinderella is a good name because a huge part of what "Lying to Be Perfect" is about is a Cinderella fairytale surrounding Nola who has an alter ego as an elusive super slim agony aunt.

But this Cinderella fairytale is combined with almost a touch of the "Bridget Jones" as Nola and her friends set about changing their lives via losing weight.

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"Lying to Be Perfect" is about 3 women who decide to tackle life by losing weight together with a "Cinderella Pact".Unfortunately not only is "Lying to Be Perfect" not as quick witted as a "Bridget Jones" movie but also lacks the imagination to really explore how losing weight can change peoples lives in both a positive and negative way.As assistant editor of a fashion mag Nola Devlin (Poppy Montgomery) is fed up of people passing judgements on her because she is over weight.As such on one hand you can guess that by the end of the movie Nola will have to own up to be being Belinda, have an up and down romance with Chip but also stick it to those who belittled her when she was over weight.Now it is not a bad set up if a little obvious because once we have Nola and her friends losing weight we know she will end up transforming herself into her alter ego.

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