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But she still talked to me as though she were having a nice time.

I really like her and I understand that I need to have patience with this, but how do I go about trying to help her with this without making it harder than it needs to be?

I want to thank everyone from the jocks and creatives to sales and promotions, for their immeasurable support both on and off air."As Miss Info's colleague Karlie Hustle told the in February in a story about the station's uphill battle to maintain rap primacy in the city: "The station must evolve and change with the times.” Miss Info seems to be taking that advice -- much like her colleague Ebro Darden, who is a keystone on Apple's lauded Beats 1 internet radio station in addition to his regular duties at Hot 97.

Dear Miss Info, I am dating a girl who's never had a boyfriend or even been kissed, and I am not entirely sure how to go about it.

We've been friends for years now, and our mutual affection has recently come to light. We went out to a movie and all seemed to be going okay.

I put my arm around her in the theater; her reaction was mixed.

After 10 years with New York's respected hip-hop station Hot 97, Miss Info (born Minya Oh) has announced she will be leaving the station.

Miss Info will be focusing on her website, Miss and a book on parenting."2015 has been such an incredible year so far," Info says in a statement.

I give you a high five for being sensitive to that, and for trying to meet your girlfriend where she is. A frustrating part of heterosexual relationships is the pressure on the man to pursue and on the woman to be pursued. Your girlfriend is probably nervous about the prospect of sex and, by extension, anything that could lead up to it.

Some moments she seemed to enjoy it, and other moments she seemed uncomfortable.

The rest of the date, I didn't try to make contact like holding hands, because I thought it would make her uncomfortable.

If you think she's a little gun-shy about this whole thing, then let take on the more aggressive role.

"With a new baby, upcoming site relaunch, and a book on the way, it feels like everything is on the changing table.

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