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For a screen shot, see File Search And I use these two classes to encapsulate a whole host of file oriented API calls...allowing me to treat files as objects in my code and with the speed that is gained by going through the API. so that when you change the properties on the class, the corresponding properties on the file are modified.You'll have to try it for yourself on your set up to see why I swear by these two classes when performing seek and file property operations.For updates to this or other useful VB stuff, visit my page: Instructions: Click the link below to download the code. Once downloaded, open the file from your local drive using Win Zip or a comparable program to view the contents.

Don't judge this class by the screen shots before knowing that in the screen shot example, I was searching across my network which consists of a slow 10Mb hub.

If you ever intend to use a file search in your applications, going through the API is the only way to achieve this in my opinion.

You'll find many examples that try to use directory list boxes to perform file scans, but these examples will be painfully slow. As fast as the built in Find/Search screen in Windows Explorer. you are able to search through paths other than your mapped drives.

Here are a couple of things I found about IExplorer Util. An Illegal Input Param exception is a somewhat generic exception thrown by the IExplorer Util. Update Properties() will write back to the file before checking it in, but it does so in a temporary location so that the file in the working directory isn’t modified.

The col Files class acts as a collection for the cls File class.

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