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"We have a saying, 'Let the face of those who divide people by hordes burn,'" Turysov said. Maybe it will work for some people." He said he had just registered and so far had not seen any results.

He said he got onto the site hoping to see some of his acquaintances, but so far they hadn't turned up.

The site, -- based on the Kazakh word for "tribemate" -- looks much like any other networking site, with photographs of stylish, mainly young, members decorating a brightly colored homepage.

From The Days Of Genghis Khan Kazakhstan's clan system has existed since the days of the Mongol Empire, with legend holding that Genghis Khan himself laid the groundwork by dividing territory into thirds and granting each to one of his sons.

He thereby created the Great, Middle, and Junior hordes that still define modern-day Kazakh society.

Despite their names, the three hordes have no particular hierarchy in either size or power.

But they do imply certain characteristics among their members.

Magzhan Turysov, a young Kazakh actor, was one of the first members to register on the site, using an app on his cellphone.

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