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The best relationship advice is to always think fresh, different and challenging. They say, ‘love enters through the eyes and leaves through the eyes’, and if you’re sitting reading this in your PJs while your other-half sits gently scratching in their vest – you might need this advice more than most.Remember that the spark in a relationship is very visual.In that first, magical moment when you realise they could be ‘The One’, your brain becomes flooded with this chemical.Elevated levels of Dopamine can result in sleeplessness and exhilaration, among other things, so do new things with your other half and get the Dopamine flowing that way.Part of this is biological: anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher states that the first “attraction” period of love changes (somewhere between 18 months and 3 years) into the calmer, less passionate “attachment” stage.Attachment is a longer lasting commitment and is the bond that keeps couples together and biologically is the result of shifting levels of hormones and brain-chemicals.

You can see why nature designed it that way – can you imagine getting anything done if you insisted on holding your partner’s hand all day for 50 years?

Retreading the same path to the same restaurant won’t flood your brain with anything stronger than apathy, so venture further afield.

Try new foods, new types of films, new pubs, meeting new friends…

Don’t assume your partner will adore you however you look.

So, if it’s biological to lose that ‘spark’ in a relationship, one suggestion is to try to get it back biologically too.

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The main attraction we feel for our partners in the very beginning is down to a rush of Dopamine.

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