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The girl rocked on her feet, but kept the muzzle of the gun leveled at his chest. My newest release, Valkyrie's Kiss, is available today! I had so much fun writing Valkyrie's Kiss that I decided to submit it to Evernight Publishing.There's a story behind this story - well, a very short one. I guess they had fun reading it, because they sent me a contract!I watched him kneel and carefully lay his weapon down, the ease of his movements stealing my breath.

Valkyrie's Kiss is the story of Sabrina, a Valkyrie who finds herself breaking all the rules of her kind to save a mortal, Sergeant Jesse Moran. Valkyries have one simple duty—to find heroes and mark them for Valhalla with a deadly kiss.

But when Sabrina stumbles upon courageous Sergeant Jesse Moran on a dusty street in Kandahar, she breaks all the rules of her kind and saves his life.

After more than a century of service on the battlefield, Sabrina has lost her enthusiasm for sending heroes to the court of Valhalla, with its petty squabbles and corruption, and wants Jesse to have the chance to lead a full life.

But with each tender touch, with each lingering gaze, she grows less sure that she can resist his tempting lips.

Racing against the clock of her own desire, Sabrina seeks help from the most dangerous immortals, risking her own sanity to save him.

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But the touch of his hungry hands and his insistent, sumptuous mouth are driving her into unknown realms of desire.

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