Sleeping dogs sandra dating

'' asks Wei''Well , I told him that I'll see him in an hour'' answered Sandra''Ok then , let's drive somewhere more ...

Shen'' said Sandra''Well , I told you , this ain't first rodeo miss'' said Wei Wei threw his head back to let Sandra do her magic.

Wei knew what a blowjob feels like , but when Sandra's mouth met his dick , he felt something he never felt before.

The second date was more intimate , Sandra asked Wei to take her out for a ride around the town , in the middle of the date though Sandra received a message from her father . So she asked Wei drive her home.''Tell me Wei , have you ever had sex in a car ?

'' asked Sandra''I grew up in California , what do you think ?

''''Oh , well I'll take that as a yes'' answered Sandra''What about you , is that your thing ?

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