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"The thing that blew me away was how real it looked, because I would see regular civilians on the street and they would have no idea that I was wearing makeup. A woman asked me when we were shooting — I was standing outside the set — and she asked me if Ryan Reynolds was inside." Asked about his response to the woman, Reynolds smiled slyly."I said, 'Oh, he's inside, all right.' " A similar transformation overcame Klein, the "American Pie" veteran known for his beefy build and cover-boy looks.For the film's flashbacks, Klein was buried beneath a facade of acne and long hair while becoming dorky Dusty Dinkleman, another potential Amy Smart suitor who competes with Reynolds both in the past and present.

"He was in his suit, and he was trying all his mannerisms, and he almost reminded me of 'Mrs.Doubtfire,' I mean with his chins and his afro." "That fat suit," Reynolds laughed.With the film's plot concerning Chris (Reynolds), a formerly fat high school loser returning home a decade later to seize the love of former friend Jamie (Smart), Reynolds and crew found themselves with one prop that easily helped them pass the time."It was the best first day of filming," Smart remembers of seeing Reynolds transformed into the overweight high school version of his character."Eventually I won out and poor, poor Dusty Dinkleman didn't have a chance." Reynolds may have been walking around the set 100 pounds heavier, and Klein may have resembled a pepperoni pizza rather than a leading man, but neither of the stars got quite as ugly (or quite as proud about it) as Faris.

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