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In an interview, she has insisted that she has moved on but has still not forgiven her ex-boyfriend Mo Twister.

Ugly history In December 2011, Mo Twister started a major controversy against Ramos. In that video, a teary-eyed Mo Twister was confessing how he was supposedly dealing with his conscience because he was not able to stop Ramos from allegedly aborting their unborn baby.

Mo Twister clearly implied that Ramos had their unborn baby removed in Singapore.

He even went on to recall how he was defenseless when Ramos’ family decided to have her undergo abortion.

She currently appears regularly on the GMA Telebabad series ‘Indio,’ where she portrays the role of ‘diwata.’ But Ramos emphasized that she not yet forgotten the controversy that dragged her name before the end of 2011.

It obviously affected and almost ruined her then burgeoning and promising TV and movie career.

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