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This is the podcast love letter to all things Play Station that Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty were born to do. I’ve dabbled in online dating over the years, and obviously nothing has panned out yet. This is where all of the internet’s horrifying people lie in wait. I’m going to rate this backwards, so the least terrible site will be sitting pretty at #1.There is a huge contingency of 20 somethings just dying to get you on KIK so they can bombard you with penises. It’s a safe environment and I 100% believe that most people are looking for a serious relationship. It’s not for me, mostly because I plan to live for an extended period of time.Next thing you know, you’re dodging dicks like they’re being shot with a bow and arrow. I would avoid it at all costs unless you’re a 20 year old man looking to sling some dick pics at unsuspecting strangers for fun. However, I feel like they are looking to add water and sprout an instant relationship. My suitors were largely 55+ and would send messages daily, regardless if there was a response. This may surprise some of you, due to the reputation as a hook-up site.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of activity in my hometown of Cleveland. I did have one dapper guy show up on my feed five times recently. I can assure you that I have not seen 4 am in many years. I like being able to see mutual connections as a safety net.It’s a relatively new platform and definitely has some flaws, but let’s focus on what I like first. I’ve always rolled my eyes at the lame, thoughtless messages I’ve received from men on these sites. Not one of them share any mutual friends with me, which certainly sends up a red flag.I’m currently sitting on my couch covered in cat hair, clutching a pint glass full of Chardonnay. There isn’t any verification process on this site, so if I want to pretend to be a Victoria’s Secret model, your Aunt Mary or the right fielder for the LA Dodgers… As a subscriber, you are blindly trusting that the person on the other side is who they claim to be.Don’t let that stop you from taking some of the following advice based on my recent experiences with five online dating sites. This cloak of anonymity creates some monstrous behavior, as I’m sure you can imagine. I think Match cornered the market on dating sites right out of the gate, but I’m all but convinced this is where people go to die. What is so urgent about immediately falling in love?I attended both the Indians and Cavs games on Sunday and only came up with two hits. How am I crossing paths with someone as I’m sleeping? Also, you get to decide who is allowed to communicate with you. You have to dig through a lot of crap before you find something appealing, but it’s probably worth it.

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