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He's a part-time player now, a third-down pass-rusher who doesn't have a sack this season.Osi Umenyiora spoke with reporters for close to 20 minutes on a conference call Wednesday, recalling his time with the Giants and describing his current situation with the Falcons.

I left New York in a great relationship with everybody, from the owners, to the GM, to the coaches, to the players.

I still have a really good relationship with everybody there." Umenyiora made it clear that he is not looking for revenge against the Giants on Sunday.

He walked out on the team in 2010 after a spat with then-defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan.

"I dislike some of the things that I did, but I was young, and as you get older you see some of those things," Umenyiora said. That makes no sense.' But I have absolutely zero regrets.

"That's pretty much the only way I can answer that. Who knows what would have happened if I was still there?

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Nobody knows, so I can't look back at that with regret and I'm sure they don't look back at it with regret either." And when Umenyiora spoke about fellow former Giant Justin Tuck, now with the Raiders, it was hard not to project potential parallels he was drawing to his own decisions.

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