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Other codes and requirements may also apply to broadcasters, depending on their circumstances.

These include the Code on Television Access Services (which sets out how much subtitling, signing and audio description relevant licensees must provide), the Code on Electronic Programme Guides, the Code on Listed Events, and the Cross Promotion Code.

i first met cindy gallop in 2003 as part of a very lucky group of investors who found their way into buying shares of what would become the residential conversion of the first-ever YMCA in new york city, the mcburney y.

i’ve always said it and i learned it from cindy, good intentions are for suckers; action, either succeeding or failing, is the only thing that counts and the motor behind asking what we would do if ran the world.more recently and as a reaction to what she discovered dating younger men, she founded makelovenotporn.tv, a site that tries to reverse the lead that porn as sexual education has had for new generations learning to be intimate with each other.that is the way she ran the new york office of BBH as chairman, that is how she throws parties and that is how she now runs not one but to help, as so many of us with tumblrs, she actually puts on the gloves and gets boxing in order to give us the tools to beat inevitability down to the mat.if we ran the world, her first adventure out of the advertising cocoon is a thriving community of people like you and i (ok, mostly like you…) who help each other through the magic of microactions, each furnishing one peg of a ladder too big for any one person to climb on their own.It is Ofcom’s policy to describe fully the content in television, radio and video-on-demand content.

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