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Our spy said, ‘They were laughing and watching basketball.They were very flirtatious, enjoying drinks at a private table.’ They watched a game, left for a while, and came back for another game and more drinks.There have been so many rumors about Michael Phelps and the dating scene over the past several years that we have officially begun recycling old girlfriends.Phelps is 27 years old and has already basically called it a career.He has more money than he knows what to do with and time is on his side.According to the NY Post’s Page Six, Phelps was recently spotted spending time with his ex-girlfriend Caroline Pal.His meeting with Pal in Vegas was probably no exception.

They left together and ‘seemed to be having a lot of fun.’ Uh oh.

What about that girl he met in Cabo that was so anxious to spill all of the intimate details of her relationship with the 18-time Olympic gold medalist?

A few weeks ago, the rumor Michael Phelps was making trips to Las Vegas for more than the gambling and the prime rib buffets began popping up all over the internet. People reports it's true - and it's more than just a fling.

Tongues were wagging about a pretty cocktail waitress named Caroline "Caz" Pal who kept Phelps in the casinos (taking a cue from George Clooney, I see).

Phelps and Pal were reportedly seen at a lounge in Las Vegas having a grand old time together.

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