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if you can post pictures of the proposed work area it would help. Any combination of fixtures within two bathroom groups located on the same floor level is permitted to be vented by a horizontal wet vent. You said you vented already (outside your drawing) your tub and sink trap arm...upstream from your main stack.Maybe a pro plumber will explain/clarrify these wet venting issues for us...Although I do not believe they either apply in your assembly. The link to the entire section on went venting is below.I need to bring the sink and tub drains into the same joist bay as the wc. I am reading Ohio code to say that lav is 1 unit with min trap size of 1.25" and tub (with or without shower) is 2 units with min trap size of 1.5" and allows up to 6 units for 2" pipe and 3 units for 1.5" pipe.Are you saying I can bring the tub and sink drain into the same 3 inch line as the wc - so from the stack I would have the wc, then the sink and then the tub? If i am looking at your drawing correctly its not gonna work on the tub and lav line you cant drop down vertical then back into the main, any waste arm running horizontal connecting into a vertical must be vented. It also allows for an entire "bathroom group" to be sized at 6 units. Regarding wet venting - the code says: 909.1 Horizontal wet vent permitted.

Any additional fixtures shall discharge downstream of the horizontal wet vent. I believe that now we have to upsize that wet vent either one or two pipe sizes....(which interestingly then has a larger pipe feeding into a smaller pipe)...

I had not noticed the sizing chart at the bottom of that link - it appears I do need a 2.5" vent up through the roof. weather or not vented the questionable connection is where hes tieing the tub and the lav,the Bends to be of "large radius" i.e., vertical drop... the distance from that connection to the trapped fixtures mainly the tub falls into question, we follow 2 codes IPC and the south florida building code, one would pass the other will not the way Ghost suggested in his post would be the correct way to bring in the tub and lav.

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The wet vent shall be considered the vent for the fixtures and shall extend from the connection of the dry vent along the direction of the flow in the drain pipe to the most downstream fixture drain connection to the horizontal branch drain.

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