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CKH said his sexual activity with Andrew Duncan, Graeme Lawrence and Greg Goyette ended in 1985.

CKH: “There were various incidents that happened in my life that made me recognise that in some ways I would say now I had been duped and I began to realise that these sexual activities that I thought I had been in control of or party to were, in fact, in the nature of abuse and I began to take on that descriptor to describe my experience as a child.”CKH has said he had conversations with family and friends over the years about whether to report to the church or police.

He said he took action in 2009 after Lawrence took up a locum’s position in his parents’ diocese in Wangaratta.

In 1984 at Narranderra, when CKH was considering the priesthood, he attended a clergy conference where Lawrence, Andrew Duncan, Graeme Sturt and Bruce Hoare were there.

They ended up in a hotel room, along with CKH’s friend who “passed out drunk”.“Lawrence and Hoare started having sex with me,” CKH said.

CKH said Duncan first had sex with him when he was 14, in 1980, when Duncan came on a holiday with CKH’s family on a houseboat on the Hawkesbury River.

CKH said he believed Lawrence knew of the sexual activity by 1980.

In 1979 Andrew Duncan came to Griffith as a deacon, along with Graeme Sturt.

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