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Cedar + Gold With her first three recordings, 2003’s The Love EP, 2005’s breezy twentythree and 2008’s Hello, Tristan Prettyman parlayed her smoky alto voice and laid-back surfer-girl-from-San-Diego charm into an eight-year career studded with highlights that included Hello’s No.

2 position on the i Tunes Digital Albums chart and headlining tours across the U. But instead of capitalizing on the attention and immediately making plans to record a third album after wrapping two years of touring in support of Hello, Prettyman took an extended break during which she traveled the globe, had surgery to remove polyps on her vocal cords, got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, dealt with the pain of his ending the engagement, and eventually questioned whether she even wanted to be a musician at all.“I was really burnt out and uninspired, so I decided to take some time off,” Prettyman says.

I had periods of time where I was numb and immune to feeling.

My walls were up really high and I was on my guard.

“I went to Bali, Australia, and Europe and kind of went crazy.

Life went from all these obligations to eating good food, meeting amazing people, and flowing with the wind.

Then this fairy-tale picture of what my life could have been was set on fire.

“I go meet Dave and I’m late and I’m crying,” she says.“But once I walked through the door of honesty there was no telling where I was going.“I’m just a ball of snot, like, ‘Hi, I’m Tristan and I’m a mess.’” That session yielded the completion of the album’s opening track “Say Anything” — an open-hearted tune about finding freedom in letting go.The second session resulted in the no-holds-barred “I Was Gonna Marry You.” “It was like, ‘Wow, I’m getting really transparent here and being really specific,’” Prettyman recalls.Then when I got back and tried to sing again, we found the polyps, so I had surgery and had to recover.

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