Intimidating men attractive

There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a beautiful woman, but it isn’t the thing that turns her on and makes her want to have sex with you.You want to have sex with her because she is beautiful and she wants to have sex with a guy who has the type of confidence that she is looking for.When a woman tests you by not contributing much to a conversation or by looking at you in a judgemental way, the trick is to just maintain your confidence.Simply based on her looks, guys will behave as though she is so valuable and is something to be afraid of.Yet, she’s just a normal girl and she doesn’t want you to be afraid of her.Don’t think, and start panicking or looking nervous.Simply relax and let the silence happen in the conversation, or smile at her judgemental look.

In fact, she actually wants you to be more of a challenge for her to overcome, rather than being so keen on her just because she looks good.Some beautiful women are open, easy and friendly when guys approach them.Yet, the majority of beautiful women have to put up their guard and act a bit cold and disinterested, otherwise they will make it easy for nervous, insecure guys to get a chance with them.Women are mostly attracted to a guy’s confidence, so acting cold towards you is one of the quickest ways to find out if you have enough of it.One of the best ways to stop feeling intimidated by beautiful women is to understand that they don’t actually want you to feel that way.

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  2. I filled out an online profile and soon found myself trading e-mails with a bumbling, sincere computer programmer named Mike, who admitted a weakness for Hello Kitty, chili fries, and rare birds.