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The sheer quantity of choices gives us the feeling that we can and will meet someone through technology. We all long to be understood, supported, loved, and accepted. Read more “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, or is it?” Have you ever had to say no to something in order to open the door to saying yes to something else? I had a great conversation with a colleague over lunch last week. Read more What questions should you ask someone on a first date?Now comes the task of wiping the slate clean, so you’ll be ready...Read more Technology has exploded our dating options and put dating effectively on amphetamines. Read more When you consider what domestic violence is, you likely have those scary images in your head of an outraged partner physically attacking his wife or worse, their children, resulting in a frantic 911 emergency call. Read more We are all emotionally needy to some degree in relationships — meaning simply that, during a difficult time, we need more emotional support than usual.When a relationship comes to an end, the process of healing and moving on hopefully begins.The person you’re trying to let go of may be a recent part of your love life or an old flame.Being free the number of people in line who knows how it is and it promises unlimited search until you find the right candidate.The four questions below provide a nice springboard, designed to motivate further conversation without making your date feel interviewed or cross-examined. Read more Dear Sara: Two and a half years ago, I met a woman online (I was 43 and she was 33 and an alcoholic, sober for 3 years), and we hit it off right away. We communicated really well, and we had great physical chemistry. Read more If you remember one rule about cheating, let it be this: There are always signs in the beginning. How can you tell if someone you're dating will one day cheat on you? The question seems so simple, so delightfully inquisitive even. Read more Do we know what we are doing when it comes to modern relationships, or are we just being hi-jacked by primitive emotions?

This way you do not have to bring your own 'chat up line' or other creative ways to get their attention.

There are hundreds of such counterfeits in any dating site and they should be avoided at all costs. Simply because it is an easy and effective way to meet members of the opposite sex.

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