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2) does freecad internally compute geometry intersection when reconstructing these shapes? As I advance more on this I will keep posting here! I haven't seen it in Free CAD's python API, but I guess that can be retrieved through OCC (you may have to go to the trouble of getting Python OCC working).

If so then why wont it take back the poles it gave? EDIT: maybe there is no such curve in the first place, and the boundary is simply defined by the 3d curve of the edge.

Hello, I am trying to reconstruct an object (cylinder) from it's control points. The default part cylinder has radius 2mm, height 10mm and 360o angle, nothing special here.

How does that represent a round cap (disk) and not a square plane? By all means I'm not NURBS expert either but I'm really trying to figure it out.

But to use it as restriction for a surface the edge must also be available in the surface's parameter space. An edge, which is shared by two faces, has one parametrisation and two pcurves, one on each face (as the face have different parameter spaces). In python however, Free CAD currently does not expose the 2d geometric curves, so the return type would be an issue.

As deepsoic noted this surface is then used to create a face together with its restrictions in space: the edges.

Now a edge has a parametrisation in 3d space (what you see in the visualisation).

Is there some manner of "bake" to create a final NURBS or Bezier with multiple patches of the accurate geometry (note that it needs to be parametric so a triangularization/meshification would not be desirable). All you have to do is provide the edges/faces that mate well, the rest of sewing is done by Free CAD or/and OCC.relevant functions: Filled Face()Shell()Solid()I'd be curious to now, what exactly you are trying to achieve.

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A spline (and nurbs) surface always has a rectangular parameter space.

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