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This slant which embraced censers, altar candlesticks and other ritual objects besides figures, was manifest from the inception of the classical ware of the Dehua kilns, as can been seen from a text of 1604 with its reference to Buddhist figures even then making their appearance in the bazaar at Putuoshan.There are basicly three types of which correspond with the three principal outlets for Dehua products at the peak of their prosperity.First, for the faithful of all creeds are sculptural figures, undoubtedly their great glory, usually of Buddhist or Taoist deities but sometimes of Westerners as well.White porcelain always has enjoyed favor among the Chinese.Some writers have attributed this to its resemblance to white jade.(literally "white of China") was the name given by the nineteenth-century French to a variety of Chinese ceramics manufactured primarily during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the county of Dehua, Fujian Province, in southeastern China, located opposite the island of Taiwan.It is the was without imperial patronage, limited in range, and conservative in taste even for a conservative people, it has held this appeal longer than any other porcelain so far as the basic ware itself is concerned.This may account for most of the wares of Dehua being of a devotional character, such as statues and incense burners.

Preserving always an air of craftsmanship and frequently of distinction, white wares from the Dehua region were made for decoration and religious purposes as well as cooking, serving, eating and drinking in the home.The most exquisite pieces from Fujian Province are from the town of Dehua itself and are termed "Dehua ware," while anything that is not quite up to these lofty standards is considered "Fujian ware." Only becoming well known during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) primarily for the finely carved figures, Dehua ware and manufacture started in the Song dynasty (960-1279), a period that saw a unified China, rise of a merchant class, first use of gunpowder in war, and aesthetic innovations in drawing, calligraphy and hard-glazed porcelain.However, if there is to be a resemblance to other material, that material is surely ivory.But it must also be borne in mind that white, the color of filial piety in China, is also the color of death and mourning in Chinese symbolism.Dehua wares exported during the Song and Yuan (1279-1368) periods enjoyed an excellent international reputation.

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