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It is not 100% accurate, but if you keep your translation simple then it works very well.

It is always wise to inform the person you are writing to that you do not speak much Bulgarian and that you are using an online translator – its no good turning up for your first date completely tongue tied!

Bulgarian women are much more domesticated and less demanding, they are happy to let their man make most of the decisions for them and they do not have expensive tastes!

If you are a lonesome single stuck on the international dating ladder in a cold dull northern European climate consider a move to Bulgaria!

Believe it or not, there is a wealth of dating sites aimed at all nationalities.

Just adding ‘dating +bulgaria’ into an internet search engine yields a host of sites touting for your registration.Some of them like you to enter all of your details in English.Bulgarian dating and falling in love is pretty much the same as it is all over the world, the Bulgarian way of life and the people - especially the people!Many single expats of all ages move here and unexpectedly find a partner to share their experiences with and despite the language barrier it is often easier to meet someone on Bulgarian soil than it is on your native territory.There is a host of good sites in Bulgarian and they are well worth logging into especially sites like Bulgarian may only be limited but there is nothing like contact with the man or woman of your dreams to spur you on to learning that bit more.

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Many couples who correspond over the internet use Google Translate pass messages to each other.

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