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However, Ukraine gained independence after the USSR dissolution back in 1991.Russia lies in the East and in the North-East of Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are in the West, Belarus is located on the North-Western border, Moldova and Romania are found on the South-Western border.Salo (pork fat) is cured in slabs and is a rather famous food in Ukraine.But it doesn’t mean Ukrainian brides gorge themselves on salo every day, otherwise they would be immensely fat.

Actually it is located in Europe, unlike Russia, which is partially in Asia.

It is also a common belief in the West that Ukraine is the motherland of European hackers, but this country is rated only 15 on the global software piracy list.

Vodka is a popular drink in Ukraine, but most Ukrainians give their preference to the local version of vodka, which is gorilka.

The Westerners registering on Russian and Ukrainian dating websites eventually find out about yet another purely Ukrainian stereotype.

The latter is a former football player who is now involved in the Ukrainian politics.

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If you begin exploring Ukrainian dating online, you will discover that there is one more myth about this country – that it is located in Asia.

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