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* Discover the inner workings of the scamming scammers themselves.

* Learn to identify tools of the trade scammers use to trick and deceive.

Instead of a happy ending they end up with a broken heart and financial ruin.

The huge number of people dating online and the general lack of education about the scammers and their scams make online dating sites a goldmine for those seeking an easy mark and their money.

It is estimated that there are over 5,000 online dating sites worldwide and over 122 million people trying to find love on line.

Some do find love, but many others find they have been "molested for money" by a criminal.

* Understand how scammers gain your trust and use it against you to swindle your money.* Avoid unknown dangers intertwined with online dating.* Read intimate chats, email and text to experience the "red flags", "language", "format" and "stories" scammers employ.Don't be one of the millions who get your heart broken and your bank account emptied.Don't think it can never happen to you, because it can.

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