Bios provides utility for updating bios through internet

Furthermore, once loaded, the information about the provided BIOS file is shown on the screen so you can quickly and easily identify any problems that may appear such as BIOS model incompatibility or the fact that your recently download BIOS file is actually older than the one already present in the motherboard.Although downgrades are rarely required, you can perform such operations with ASUS Win Flash if you ever learn that a previous version of the BIOS suits your mainboard better than the latest one does.provides ASUS motherboards owners with a simple, fast feature software designed to help you update the BIOS from the Windows operating system, without having to create a bootable diskette or any other removable device in order to do so.

ASUS Update is an advanced application that can be installed in a matter of seconds and can really give you a helping hand when trying to update the BIOS.

With ASUS Win Flash, there are no options to select such as you would do with ASUS Update, the more mature application that allows you to save the current BIOS of your motherboard to a file, update it from a file or from the Internet, download it from the Internet or just check it for information.

As soon as you start ASUS Win Flash, it prompts you to deliver the BIOS file you already downloaded over the Internet from the dedicated section of your exact MB model on the ASUS support website.

Basically, it offers multiple updating modes, including an online one or through a downloaded file, but both of them should work just fine.

The application firstly erases the ROM of your mainboard’s BIOS, flashes it by deploying the new content and then verifies its integrity in order to assure you of the successful completion of the entire process.

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