Are jessica sanchez and deandre brackensick dating

She was also unsure about the possibility of dating him. If one of us has a problem or something and we're not feeling a hundred percent, we like help each other."In addition to the "American Idol" tour, Jessica is hard at work on her album."I'm a bit hoarse.

VIEW THE PHOTOS: American Idol: Top 10 Most Shocking Eliminations Over The Years "He actually had a girlfriend during the show, so I didn't think he would actually want a relationship" Jessica explained. I've been recording songs for my album and I've been singing almost every night..kind of takes a little strain on my voice.

De Andre Brackensick.“I got a secret and I want you guys to guess. PHOTOS: 'American Idol' Season 11 Finale After a few bad guesses, fans zeroed in that the 16-year-old teen had a boyfriend. Brackensick, who graduated high school in May and even tweeted pictures from his prom, confirmed the pairing in an adorable tweet on Twitter, replete with smiley faces.

winner Phillip Phillips has admitted that he was "surprised" to hear about the romance between De Andre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez.The couple, who competed alongside Phillips on the 11th season of the Fox reality show earlier this year, confirmed last month that they have started show that the other contestants were "all kind of surprised" to find out about the relationship."Hopefully it keeps working out for them," he said. When we're around them, they're always just holding hands or something, so they seem like they love each other."Phillips also revealed that the tour is "going well", saying: "It's really cool to see the different cities, for me anyway, because I've never been to this many places.It's really cool to see the different types of crowd that we're playing for.We're having fun and we're enjoying the ride while we're on it."Phillips released the music video for his single 'Home' earlier this month.

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