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Spreadeagled in the back, she is almost invisible for other road-users. Log in to Insex Archives I awoke at this morning to the music of Aliens.My body was screaming from the aftershock but I was soaked.A pony tail, attached to a butt plug, hangs from her ass.Bells dangle from her crotch strap, jingling as she shuffles, much as tethered horses shuffle in place. The arm moves in a circle, somewhat like a lunge rope used to train and exercise horses. Log in to Insex Archives A black truck is hurtling down the road, carrying a precious cargo towards it’s destination. Her head covered in duct tape, she has no idea where he is taking her when the vehicle is making turn after turn on bumpy roads and higways.

She wears pony boots that bring her up on her toes. Log in to Insex Archives 101’s 48-hour feed was a harrowing three-day crucible in which 101’s spirit was severely tested through excessive bondage, degradation, and the infliction of pain. Log in to Insex Archives Though 101 perseveres through many punishments and trials in the second day of her Extreme Feed, her greatest test is one of endurance.She begins her day lying in a long coffin-like cage. Log in to Insex Archives YX starts as a fully bridled pony. But anyway, enough to fuse with whooping and jumping out of steam straight dive into the cold water basin. Like I should be back in high school smoking cigarettes at the gas station before practice and teasing the boys by “accidentally” forgetting to cross my legs. Day number two is a succession of lengthy ordeals separated by periods of severe confinement.

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Then I remembered I’ve been dripping all day pacing around the dungeon.

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