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Readers who fast forward a hundred pages to get to the raunch lose out on Chatterley‘s nuanced social critique — but it’s worth it. What fascinates me about Lady Chatterley’s Lover is that it manages to present some of the more piquant sex that you’ll find in English literature, yet also one of the most brutal dissections of the act that I’ve ever read.

Which opens some interesting questions: did Lawrence like sex? Does not liking sex facilitate writing about it, or was he just honest and saw sex, warts and all, for what it is?

had some dubious politics — no small amount of sexist and classist remarks suppurate forth from his books — but the man could write a sex scene.I occasionally have the experience of listening to a Caruso aria, then suddenly hearing it as if I was someone who had never listened to opera.Stepping out of the inside of experience, the ordinary, even the beautiful, can become absurd.This is what happens in Lawrence’s description of Lady Chatterley losing synch with her lover: “She lay with her hands inert on his striving body, and do what she might, her spirit seemed to look on from the top of her head, and the butting of his haunches seemed ridiculous to her, and the sort of anxiety of his penis to come to its little evacuating crisis seemed farcical.Yes, this was love.” It goes on in the same damning vein, but you get the point.

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